"Werewolf" Written and Directed by Kosta Kortidis Meets the Audience

Kurt Adam, who will meet with the theater audience for the first time at Şişli Theater on Wednesday, December 22, will drag the audience into the turmoil of the real and abstract world. The play "Werewolf After Sleep", with Kosta Kortidis's pen that makes people question and question, asks the audience "Is the real world an interrogation room or the ordinary life of a couple in love? Does an unprovable murder belong to the abstract world, or does it continue to be all real? What about a Werewolf or a woman stronger?” will leave you with many dilemmas.

Werewolf Key Art

“Only the awake can know the difference between the world of dreams and the real world...”

The work, which will attract attention with its masterfully crafted characters, will draw the audience into the characters with its interrogation scenes. On the one hand, Jesica, who hides her anger behind her calmness who finds herself in the middle of an interrogation while continuing their ordinary lives, and Stephan, a child-spirited workaholic, on the one hand, the detectives of the town without incident, Louis and Lawrence, who have never seen a murder, and the detective Louis, who is trying to solve the case with excitement, and who lives in a dream world but Detective Lawrence, who is a smart character, has a harder time with the quick-witted woman Jesica. The invisible face of the event; While the abstraction becomes more invisible with the real world and the confusion of time between the two, only the awake can know the difference between the dream world and the real world.

Kurt Adam Toplu

“A Very Entertaining Thriller in Turkish Theatre”

"Werewolf-After Sleep", written by Kosta Kortidis in the genre of psychological thriller, makes visible to the viewers the threadbare form of violence, psychological fractures, crime and criminal, empathy and the manifestation of justice in ordinary people in society. This work, which contains realistic humor elements, is processed as a detective fiction. A very entertaining thriller, "Werewolf" is a rare piece in Turkish Theatre.

Jesica Lupus Character Poster

Stephan Lupus Character Poster

Louis Dreyfus Character Poster

Lawrence Lucas Character Poster
“Werewolf” Play Tag

Act: One Act
Run Time: 80 Minutes

Written by: Kosta Kortidis

Directed by: Kosta Kortidis
Set Design: Batuhan Bozcaada
Costume Design: Zeynep Cemre Asker
Music: Altug Akinsel
Lights Design: Hasan Demir
Choreography: Arda Alpkiray
Poster Design: Baris Cantay
Media Relations: ZB Medya Iletisim
Poster Photography: Oznur Kilic
Director's Assistant I: Zeynep Cemre Asker
Director's Assistant II: Okan Sevket Duman
Voices: Sinem Sezer
Production Design: Akin Kaplan

Actors & Actresses:
Yeliz Baslangic – Alisan Ozkan – Okan Sevket Duman – and Kosta Kortidis

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“Werewolf” Original Theater Music

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