Neither bowing from you, nor resisting from me...

On the 100th anniversary of his death, Teatro Rudius is making another world premiere with his play Mad Poet in memory of Omer Seyfettin, the symbol of the Turkish modern language. Founded by Akin Kaplan and Kosta Kortidis in 2019, the Theater greeted the audience with a masterpiece by Kosta Kortidis, the world-class theater man of Turkey, telling about our War of Independence with the Bandirma Vapuru and the process that will be crowned with the Republic. Now, again, with the script and direction of Kosta Kortidis, the work of Mad Poet meets with the audience.

Another 100th Anniversary Project from Teatro Rudius...

Akin Kaplan is holding the producer seat of the play which will be on the stage as of March 5, 2020 including the summer season. Original Music belongs to Altug Akinsel, costume design by Fadim Ucbas, set design by Batuhan Bozcada. The visual design of the work is performed by Baris Cantay.

Mad Poet Key Art

Emre Buldum and Bahadir Cihat Aygen assist the master director Kosta Kortidis within the directing team. Alper Arik appearing as Omer Seyfettin, Ilkay Ozsen as Ali Canip Yontem, Akin Kaplan as Monsieur Physician Simon, Dilara Tabak as Calibe Seyfettin and featuring Kosta Kortidis as Cenap Sahabettin.The play staged based on psychological tension with deep, intense and plain form and as always does not neglect to make the audience to smile and to think a lot.

Omer Seyfettin passed away on March 6 1920 in Haydarpasa Hospital which is very close to his home! Since his illness has progressed, has been receiving treatment here in a severe coma since March 4! After his death, has diagnosed with diabetes, popularly known as sugar disease within public. There was no document to indicate his identity! His body was treated like orphans...his body was donated to Darulfunun to be used in research!

Mad Poet Key Art

When Mr. Ali Canip came home on Monday, he could not find Omer! He searched everywhere but did not get any result! When photo of Omer Seyfettin’s body, which was used as a cadaver at the university, was published in the newspaper a few weeks later, Turkish patriotic youth, especially Ali Canip recognized the photo and raided to the hospital… By this time, Omer Seyfettin’s body was already dismembered, his internal organs were removed, and his head was cut... The remnants of his dead body were delivered to his relatives... He was buried in Kusdili Mahmut Baba Tomb! His ex-wife Calibe Seyfettin did not attend to the funeral!

In one of his conversations, Omer Seyfettin had told Mr Canip, “... I would not be surprised if they pass a road over my grave one day.” he said... In August 1939, his grave was dismantled on the grounds that the road would pass! He was transferred and buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery on August 23, 1939! Mr.Seyfettin could not see the British occupations, the establishment of the Parliament and the Independence Victory! But everything he said happened in same order...

Despite having a nickname of “Mad Poet”, Omer Seyfettin is recognized as founder of the Turkish Storytelling and one of the greatest literary figures!

Today, the most widely read Turkish literature at the national level is still Omer Seyfettin.

Omer Seyfettin Character Poster

Calibe Seyfettin Character Poster

Cenap Sahabettin Character Poster

Ali Canip Character Poster

Monsieur Simon Character Poster
“Mad Poet - Omer Seyfettin” Play Tag

Act: Two Acts
Run Time: 80 Minutes

Written and Directed by: Kosta Kortidis
Director's Assistants: Bahadir Cihat Aygen / Emre Buldum
Original Music: Altug Akinsel
Set Design: Batuhan Bozcaada
Costume Design: Fadim Ucbas
Lights Design: Turgay Gul
Poster and Visual Design: Baris Cantay
Photography: Baris Vanlioglu

Actors & Actresses:
Akin Kaplan – Alper Arik – Dilara Tabak – Ilkay Ozsen – Kosta Kortidis - and with her voice Gulay Oktar

“Mad Poet - Omer Seyfettin” Presentation File / PDF -
“Mad Poet - Omer Seyfettin” Original Theater Music

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