“Florist Street” greeted the audience...

Teatro Rudius new season play "Florist Street" premiered...

A bloody incident recorded in newspaper pages that took place in Pera at the beginning of the previous century...

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A two-act dream or a curtainless truth

In the circle of love, passion, intrigue, and revenge... This is the story of most exclusive street of Cadde-i Kabir, where eight nations speak nine languages, the florist, the beautiful, good-hearted Despina, the handsome and mysterious Vasilis, the black-hearted Periklis, the wise tavern keeper Zafiris, Şık Manol, the white-gloved rowdy of Pera, and Türkan, who sees the truth in the coffee cup.

The Interrogation Sibel and Ozdemir

In the light of secrets coming to light...

This is a story of justice, a murder, a woman...

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Acts: Two Act
Run Time: 115 Minutes

Written and Directed by: Kosta Kortidis
Original Music: Lyrics - Kosta Kortidis / Composer - Altug Akinsel
Choreography: Alkis Peker - Alper Akalin
Lights Design: Umut Kulen
Illustrations: Aysegul Kaplan Bagcik
Costume Design: Aysegul Kaplan Bagcik - Fatma Gul Kurtbey
Sound & Effects: Gulay Oktar
Dubbing: Alisan Ozkan
Photography: Oznur Kilic – Avsar Gulener
Poster and Visual Design: Baris Cantay

Wilma Elles – Kosta Kortidis – Alp Balkan – Dilara Tabak – Ilkay Ozsen – Ali Alkin Aydin – Pari Mayis – Akin Kaplan

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“Florist Street” Original Theater Music

You can access and listen “Florist Street” Original Theater Music album ( Çiçekçi Sokağı ) from digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube