“A Matter Of Freedom”

Teatro Rudius

We do not have a gate…! For now. We do not have a gate that the ownership of it belongs to only us that; that we call “this is ours” when we enter to it. For now! This place is ours, everywhere is ours yet there is no gate… But we have many gates… Yes, we have many gates that we can enter through with ideas that is with us, everywhere; even if it does not exist, we create. Many! There will always be more…

Plato had an idea 2,500 years ago...

Ageometrhtos Mhdeis Eisito Mh Th Thyra

Plato had an idea 2500 years ago… When he wrote “Ageometrhtos Mhdeis Eisito Mh Th Thyra” on the gate, yes right on the gate, he had dreamed more than an ownership… When he said precisely the “Thyra”, precisely the gate, he meant exactly this. We do not have a gate that the ownership of it belongs to only us… Yet one day there will be! Not by ownership but with intellectual property, in order to reach Apollo, Pithis had written “Gnoti Se Afton” with golden letters on the gates of the temple in Dydyma 3500 years ago. Right on the gate…! He was looking for it, what we are looking for… We do not have a gate as a property… for now.

gnoti se afton
Yet we have many gates… too many… gates that will always increase…

We have an idea, we have an ideal, we have a hope

On behalf of theater; a dream. An idea that has existed for 3000 years and has come to this date. We have an idea of freedom, an idea of a beginning, an idea of progress… We set out by thinking of the legacies of humanity of thousands of years… We thought about every gate and looked the signs of each gate… yes, we do not have a gate… yet we have an idea. The most noble, purest, the most necessary idea. The idea that nothing can happen without it. We have an idea of “a matter of freedom”. To write this on a propertyless gate that one day will belong to us… among the sounds of “long live the theater”, right to that gate… maybe not with golden letters but right on the place where Apollo’s light illuminates. To prescribe “a matter of freedom!” Right on the gate! Yes, why not?

“Known about us”

Our Founders

Kosta Kortidis
Turkish Playwright & Director / Actor

He was born in Istanbul in 1979. He is Greek originated Turkish playwright, director and actor. He studied at Zografyon Private High School, Dean College of London and Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. He speaks Greek, Italian, and English languages. He acted as statistics expert at Turkish Football Federation and acted and directed for a long time at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres. He also worked for private sector as voice over and voice director, dialect specialist as well as acting in TV series and movies.

His plays started to be played for the first time by the State Theaters in 2014. He became the most played Turkish playwright at the national level starting in 2018. He was named the most successful playwright of the year three times by different juries. Eight of his plays has been viewed on stage at national level during 2019-2020 season. His play “Roulette” has been translated into over fifteen languages. Many of his plays were included in academic studies by national and international universities as graduation play, undergraduate and graduate thesis and became a research subject. He was accepted into the repertoires of counties such as the Greek National Theater, the Tbilisi State Drama Academy, the National Theater of Serbia, the Polish National Theater and Russia.

As of 2020, he has ten plays that were accepted to the National Library with approval of the Turkish State Theaters Literary Board. Many of his books have been published, and of his works have been published in radio theater and audiobook format. He still organizes writing academy and conferences which are known by his name and lead studies on Mythology Club. In 2019 he founded his own theater, Teatro Rudius, together with Akin Kaplan. He took the “Bandirma Ferry” and “Mad Poet” plays to stage. In addition to universal writing and acting skills, he continues to exist in all areas of theater including being art director, directing, acting in his own theater.

Akın Kaplan
Engineer & Project Manager / Actor

Born in Istanbul in 1979, Akin Kaplan holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University and a master’s degree in engineering Management from Old Dominion University. For many years, he worked as an engineer and project manager in various positions at water and wastewater treatment and environmental technologies sector. In 2016, he received basic acting training from “Tiyatro Dunyasi Oyunlari”. He continued to be on stage together with “Fazla Mesai Theater Group” with various plays such as “Yasar Ne Yasar Ne Yasamaz”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “12th Night”, “Three Sisters”, “Dropdead”.

In 2019, he founded his own Theater, Teatro Rudius, with Kosta Kortidis. In the same season, he produced the plays “Bandirma Ferry” and “Mad Poet”. In addition to staging, “Mad Poet” was broadcast as a radio theater. He transferred the work named “Werewolf” as an audio theater to the digital archive of the Ministry of Culture. He took the play called “Rental Confrontation” into the Teatro Rudius repertoire and brought it to the stage. In addition to engineering and project management, it still continues to exist in every field related to theater in the name of sustainable theater.

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