“From the magical world of words and mythology”


Rudius Academy proudly presents the Writing Academy, Mythology Club, and Acting Workshops led by Turkey's worldwide name, Kosta Kortidis.

At the Writing Academy; in addition to topics such as Kosta Kortidis's striking and original writing method, basic writing skills, novel and story design, analytical thinking; reverse engineering and film readings are made, and by providing guiding ideas of the individual studies of the author candidates, the opportunity to develop their works and complete them with collective work is also provided.

The Mythology Club opens the doors of the Ancient World to you with the delightful narration of Kosta Kortidis.

Gods, epics, legends, heroes, wars, history. Comparisons with yesterday, today; cause-effect relationships. Contemporary effects. Reverse engineering and more... An exclusive and unique journey with Kosta Kortidis, one of the rare Mythologists who can read original Greek sources. Private sessions with private groups.

The Preparatory Workshop for the Conservatory Theater Department provides support and coaching to prospective actors during the conservatory entrance process, with limited or one-on-one workshops under the direction of Kosta Kortidis. You can contact us for details and customized programs.


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