New Season Project “The Interrogation” by Teatro Rudius

Any soldier of any two countries or maybe any country at war for any reason... this is any story between any soldiers! A story that happened, could happen or never happened... A coincidence. A betrayal. A nightmare. An account of conscience.

The Interrogation Poster

There Is No Law That Stands Higher Than A Clean Conscience

The last days of 1971, perhaps untimely... Two countries at war for whatever reason. One of the heroic soldiers of one of the countries, Major Samantha Andrew, is accused of treason. It is one of the most important people in his life, his close friend Colonel Charles Kotalaris, who is interrogating him.

The Interrogation Sibel and Ozdemir

Can a coincidence turn a life upside down? What power can make a villain from a hero? Can conscience override the law?

And... can these questions be answered in an interrogation room?

The Interrogation Key Art

Sibel Tascioglu Character Poster

Ozdemir Ciftcioglu Character Poster

Akin Kaplan Character Poster

Kosta Kortidis Character Poster
“The Interrogation” Play Tag

Acts: One Act
Run Time: 90 Minutes

Written and Directed by: Kosta Kortidis
Director's Assistant: Akin Kaplan
Set Design: Batuhan Bozcaada
Costume Design: Akin Kaplan
Lights Design: Aykut Burak Gursoy
Original Music: Altug Akinsel
Sound & Effects: Gulay Oktar
Dubbing: Hakan Akin, Zeynep Dogan, Fatih Gulnar, Deniz Kaplan, Gulay Oktar
Poster Photography: Oznur Kilic – Avsar Gulener
Poster and Visual Design: Baris Cantay

Actors & Actresses:
Sibel Tascioglu – Ozdemir Ciftcioglu – Akin Kaplan and Kosta Kortidis

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“The Interrogation” Original Theater Music

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