A journey more than once...!

The Ferry of Bandirma is a symbol! A beginning! An ideal! Bandirma Ferry; is the breath, essence, spark of the Republic spirit. It is the Republic of Turkey itself! As the centenary of Bandirma Ferry, which is the starting point of the national struggle spirit and the departure of Great Ataturk to Samsun, we carry the story to the stage as a thank you, gratitude, and a gift to the whole of our nation and we salute the Republic! We salute all the heroes of the national struggle and bow respectfully in front of their cherished memories to reinforce the constant and lasting enthusiasm of the centenary’s spirit not just in one day, but with a common national consciousness!

A 100th Anniversary Project by Teatro Rudius

We want to perpetuate the national consciousness and memory that should last for years with Bandirma Ferry! We want setting foot in Samsun not only on May 19 but to be engraved on our minds permanently in the endless march! We say Samsun every day, Bandirma Ferry every day, Republic of Turkey every day!

Bandırma Vapuru Afiş

Our play Bandirma Ferry is a symbol of unity, integration, and enlightenment! It tells the national consciousness, true homeland love and sacrifice! It emphasized the nation-consciousness with a progressive and universal approach! It emphasizes being one and whole and acting together gave a birth to a nation! It tells the journey of a local idea at a national level reflection, reaching universal values! It meets the audience with an epic narrative, to the extent it deserves, of epic liberation and establishment of Turkish Republic which is an example to the whole world.

Ozdemir Ciftcioglu, Ali Karagoz, Merve Akaydin, Sinan Celik, Okan Sevket Duman and Kosta Kortidis play the main roles in this great production featuring the most respected artists of our country ... Stage design is undertaken by decorator of the State Theaters, Batuhan Bozcada. The original stage music bears the signature of Altug Akinsel, the costume design is undertaken by famous creator Fadim Ucbas and the visual design is done by photographer Aydan Cinar.

Where the dream and the reality, the dream and the ideal meets; the play Bandirma Ferry which is based on turning point of our history, take attention with the points make audience smile and think at the same time.

The play written by Kosta Kortidis, the leading award winning playwright of our county whose works are accepted world wide and also included in the repertoire of the State Theaters; reminds you the 1919 spirit in the 2019 and entrusts it on an indefinite journey... because the greatest patriotism is to know the language and its spelling well!

Bandirma Ferry... a journey more than once...

“Bandirma Ferry” Play Tag

Act: Two Acts
Run Time: 110 Minutes

Written and Directed by: Kosta Kortidis
Director's Assistants: Bahadır Cihat Aygen / Emre Buldum
Original Music: Altug Akinsel
Set Design: Batuhan Bozcaada
Costume Design: Fadim Ucbaş
Lights Design: Turgay Gul
Visual Design: Zeynep Avci
Photography: Aydan Cinar

Actors & Actresses:
Akin Kaplan – Ali Karagoz – Alisan Ozkan – Asli Celebi – Bahadir Cihat Aygen – Emre Buldum – Kosta Kortidis – Merve Akaydin – Okan Sevket Duman – Ozdemir Ciftcioglu – Sinan Celik

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“Bandirma Ferry” Original Theater Music

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